Billiard maintenance
Eureka Billard has been renovating and maintaining all sorts of models biliards ever since 1897. We have never seen a billiard that we didn’t knew what to do with.

The placement and construction of billiards.
It is a precise execution to place and build up a billiard, by which you need experience, craftmanship and the right tools is something that is considered as an essential value. 

  • First, the billiards need to be dismantled, because none of the qualified billiardbuilders shall transport the billiard entirely. 
  • The slates are very vulnerable and heavy, so they need to be transported as efficient as possible.
  • The construction of your billiard has to be very accurate from of the beginning to prevent elapse, and levelled by a extremely flawless machine, so that the billiardballs can move the way their supposed to.
  • When the cloth is efficiently tightened, the further construction can go forward.
  • The bands are being assembled, the marksigns are being set on the cloth and the decoratingbaths are attached nicely.
  • The assembly of a new billiard-cloth.
    Our technical service assembles new billiards cloths, so that it is tight over the billiard again. We deliver the brand: Simonis as well as Granito, because both are very fast and precise cloths. The Simonis 300 Rapide cloth is the most familiar carom-cloth. It is suited for all games and is approved for the competition of the KNBB, CEB and the UMB. 

    Repair your cue
    We offer you the service of repairing your cue at Eureka in the most exact way.

    • A new  joint.
    • A new tip or ferrule.
    • Make your cue heavier or lighter.
    • Renew the tip; from a standard tip to a Moori tip. It will be replaced with your company, so that you can take your cue home directly.

    Prices depend on which repairation and the quality you request.