Eureka Billard states for a reliable service for the products they deliver with a normal use. This means that Eureka guarantees for the defects that are in connection with construction-, manufactoring-, or materialfaults. In the case of billiards, applies the condition that they need to meet reasonable qualitystandards for the foundation, good environment (temperature) and humidity during the delivery, assembly and also during the whole period of guarantee. The guarantee of the billiard-cloth and the assembly of it, damages and normal erosion are excluded. Damages due to not normal use of the products, the expirering of the leveling of the billiard or possible damage cause of moving the billiard by anyone else but the customer himself, by customer with an agreement operated and by supplier in advance written by thirds. De guarantee is provided as described in the quotation. The guarantee tems are recognized from of the date that your order is delivered, that is also written in the quotation which also weighs as guarantee certificate. The guarantee isn’t hereditary on following purchaser(s). The loading- , assembly- and dessembly-, packaging, traveling- and accommodationcosts are not included within the guarantee and so for the account of the customer. Replaced items are property of the supplier and need to be returned directly after the replacement. We will not provide a new guarantee period for replaced or revised items.