The professional Billiard Factory Eureka Billard Berlicum provides billiards of all types:
Carom -, Pool and Snooker billiards. All billiard tables are manufactured under a strict quality control system, so we are able to deliver top quality!
Eureka Billard Factory produces ’For many professional players model Profi ’’, and other Eureka Billards. 
Such as models: Amical, Nostalgie, Classic and Garant,and model Universal Billiard  At the left side you have different types of billiards, simply click on the billiard table that you are interested in, than you will be able to see  a larger picture and a detailed specification of it.
A good performable billard needs high requirements: Professional knowledge and high quality are necessary. This professional knowledge has always been transferred in this familycompany from father to son , so that billiards are can be produced of top quality.